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巨量資料廠商焦點: Oracle

Oracle 為您逐步講解分析巨量資料的四個階段

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Kimberly Billings and Manan Goel from Oracle explain how Oracle* big data solutions deliver a uniquely integrated, end-to-end approach to big data acquisition and analysis. It’s an approach that helps you find the real value of your data. Get an overview of the company’s big data technologies, including Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data Connectors, and the Oracle R Enterprise component. See how these technologies help you acquire, organize, and analyze your data so the people in your organization can get fresh insights into customer behavior, proactively identify market trends, and make smarter decisions. Learn more about the Oracle Exalytics* In-Memory Machine—the industry's first in-memory analytics appliance. Find out how Oracle’s engineered systems, Exadata, Oracle Exalogic* Elastic Cloud, and Exalytics, are specifically designed to take advantage of Intel’s x86 architecture. Best of all, you’ll get a sense of how your IT department can put the promise of big data into action within your organization.