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勇於改變: 讓雲端運算造就企業

節省成本只是隨需提供 (On-Demand) 模式帶來利益的起點

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This paper discusses how IT departments can promote cloud computing as a way to help increase the flexibility and effectiveness of their efforts to support the business through accelerated access to the latest applications and technologies and a mechanism to expedite delivery of new products and services to market. It also demonstrates how working with the right technology partner can help IT realize the maximum benefit from their cloud. Includes customer case study examples.

IT departments are faced with budget and resource limitations, and cloud environments must complement existing infrastructure and practices instead of disrupting productivity. A well-executed cloud strategy can provide the foundation for a more agile, productive, and responsive business. The potential for cost savings is significant, but IT managers remain concerned about solution maturity, loss of control, security, and stability. To succeed in the cloud, enterprises need to align themselves with a technology partner that has the depth of expertise and the breadth of capabilities to support their transitions. Dell and Intel have partnered to help businesses implement innovative cloud environments that resolve their concerns and provide the foundation for the most sophisticated cloud applications deployed in both private clouds and hybrid clouds.