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來自 Intel 的雲端資安問卷調查

來自四個國家之 800 位 IT 經理人的調查結果

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Are concerns about cloud security holding you back? You’re not alone. This cloud security survey captures key findings from 800 IT managers in the United States, the UK, China, and Germany that provide insight into specific cloud computing concerns and how those concerns might be alleviated. The report explores specific issues pertaining to cloud security, such as security breaches or threats from internal sources, and how these issues differ between public cloud and private cloud environments. The data gathered also identifies specific ways the industry—including software solutions providers, hardware providers, and cloud service providers—can work together to make public and private cloud computing safer for business computing. By taking steps such as enforcing security policies across clouds and creating data boundaries, the industry can overcome adoption barriers and build greater confidence in cloud safety. Finally, the scope of the research reveals how key cloud security concerns and their potential solutions are the same or different for IT professionals in the United States, Europe, and China.