DuPont 運用以 Intel 技術為基礎的加密機制,有效增強安全性

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DuPont Increases Security with Intel®-based Encryption

IT engineers from DuPont Central Research and Development (CR&D) and Intel collaborated to explore the performance benefits of Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers with Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI). In a proof of concept and extended laboratory testing environment, the engineers saw performance improvements of up to 300 percent in encryption and decryption, depending on factors such as size of the encrypted database and type of the queries. The tests used servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family and Intel® Xeon® E7 family with Intel AES-NI, Oracle Database* with Intel AES-NI–enabled Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption* (TDE*), and CR&D’s chemical information management application.

Enterprise software vendors are extending their applications to exploit the full advantages of Intel AES-NI, which is built into the Intel Xeon processor E5 and E7 families. By deploying Intel AES-NI with enabled software solutions, enterprises can dramatically reduce the historical performance penalty for data encryption and decryption, making it feasible to enhance data protection throughout the enterprise.

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