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Intel® Core™ Processor Family Enhances Graphics

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Intel® Core™ Processor Family Enhances Graphics

Based on 32nm process technology, the Intel® Core™ processor family features intelligent performance, power efficiency, integrated graphics, and error correcting code (ECC). When paired with the mobile Intel Q57/HM55 Express Chipset, this integrated two-chip platform provides excellent graphics, memory, I/O bandwidth, and remote management capabilities to meet the requirements of a range of embedded applications, including retail and transaction solutions, gaming platforms, and industrial automation equipment.

Product Highlights
• Integrated graphics engine: Supports enhanced graphics and performance while reducing overall platform power requirements and footprint.
• Memory error correction: ECC memory provides a high level of data integrity, reliability, and system uptime.
• Intel® Intelligent Power Technology: Reduces power consumption through architectural improvements, such as integrated power gates and automated low-power states.
• Intel® Turbo Boost Technology: Accelerates performance up and down to match heavy workloads and manage power. Automatically speeds up the processor when a device needs extra performance.
• Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology: Enables simultaneous multi-threading to help boost performance for parallel, multi-threaded applications.
• Intel® vPro™ technology: Delivers robust platform-level remote maintenance and management capabilities with Intel® Virtualization Technology, Intel® Active Management Technology, and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

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