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Advances in Digital Signage Technology: Solution Brief

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Advances in Digital Signage Technology: Solution Brief

Computing Technologies for Digital Signage
Advanced Intel® product technologies reduce TCO and increase signage capabilities

Digital signage solutions are creating multimedia customer experiences with compelling advertising and targeted messaging. They have become hugely effective sales tools for connecting with customers, offering much more than traditional closed-loop video stream advertising.
Today’s digital signage systems support rich media blending, multiple zones and large LCDs through the use of power-efficient Intel® multicore processors. Lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), Intel® processor-based systems save power through advanced power management features and reduce the number of expensive on-site repairs with innovative remote management capabilities.
Advanced technologies are also enabling advertisers to measure the impact of advertising with solutions offering “proof of impression.” This is done by measuring the number of viewers, viewing duration and audience demographics and correlating this data to actual purchases by cross checking sales receipts with audience analytics reports.

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