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Tick, Tock: Next Gen Intel® Microarchitecture Nehalem

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Tick, Tock: Next Gen Intel® Microarchitecture Nehalem

Introducing a New Dynamically and Design-Scalable Microarchitecture that Rewrites the Book On Energy Efficiency and Performance

Since the introduction of Intel® Core™ microarchitecture in 2006 and its 45nm enhancements—the 45nm next generation Intel Core microarchitecture (Penryn family of processors) in 2007—the blistering performance and energy efficiency of Intel® microprocessors has delivered unprecedented capability to end users. Now in 2008, a new microarchitecture code named Nehalem stands to further build on these microarchitectural marvels, rewriting the book on processor energy efficiency, performance, and scalability.

The first chapter is all about scalability. Next generation Intel® microarchitecture (Nehalem) is a dynamically scalable and design-scalable microarchitecture. At runtime, it dynamically manages cores, threads, cache, interfaces, and power to deliver outstanding energy efficiency and performance on demand. At design time, it scales, enabling Intel to easily provide versions that are optimized for each server, desktop, and notebook market. Intel will deliver versions differing in the number of cores, caches, interconnect capability, and memory controller capability, as well as in the segmented use of an integrated graphics controller. This allows Intel to deliver a wide range of price, performance, and energy efficiency targets for servers, workstations, desktops, and laptops.

To extract greater performance from this new microarchitecture, in targeted market segments, Intel is also introducing a new platform architecture: Intel® QuickPath Architecture. Through integrated memory controllers and a high-speed interconnect for connecting processors and other components, Intel QuickPath Architecture delivers best-in-class performance, bandwidth, and reliability. In turn, it truly enables systems to fully unleash the new levels of performance that new and more powerful next generation microarchitecture-based processor cores will deliver.

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