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Intel® 3100 Chipset on 45nm Process Technology: Product Brief

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Intel® 3100 Chipset: Product Brief

Product Overview
The Intel® 3100 chipset combines server-class memory and I/O controller functions into a single component, creating the first integrated Intel® chipset specifically optimized for embedded, communications, and storage applications. This single-chip system controller replaces a separate memory controller hub and I/O controller hub, significantly conserving board real estate and power consumption.

The Intel 3100 chipset supports the following processors, addressing the needs of high-performance, low-power platforms within small form factor designs such as PrAMC, Compact PCI*, and COM Express*.

• Intel® Core™2 Duo processors SL9380 and SU9300 with 800 MHz front side bus (FSB) and thermal design power (TDP) of 17W and 10W.

• Celeron® mobile processor 722 with 800 MHz FSB and TDP of 5.5W.

Intel Core 2 Duo processors—members of Intel’s growing product line of multi-core processors based on Intel Core microarchitecture—now feature 45nm process technology (SU9300, SL9380) to deliver more energy-efficient performance. Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology makes it possible to integrate two complete execution cores in one physical package, providing advancements in simultaneous computing for multi-threaded applications and multi-tasking environments. Intel’s new hafnium-based 45nm Hi-k silicon process technology enables even more processor performance by doubling transistor density and increasing cache size by up to 50 percent.

The result is improved speed and efficiency, relative to previous-generation dual-core Intel® processors. The single-core Celeron mobile processor 722, based on 45nm process technology, enables additional power savings and provides exceptional value. These processors, when paired with the Intel 3100 chipset, provide an ideal solution for a wide range of performance-intensive, thermally sensitive, embedded, communications, and storage applications.

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