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GS Home Shopping,Intel® Xeon® 處理器有效提高 IT 效率

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GS Home Shopping, Intel® Xeon® Processors Increase IT Efficiency

Increase IT Efficiency through Migration to Intel® Xeon® Processors
GS Home Shopping reduces costs and increases performance by replacing its UNIX*-based IT environment with Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers

• Time-efficient performance
GS Home Shopping needed a new system to resolve the difficulties field personnel had from the slow batch execution of legacy UNIX servers.
• Cost-efficient structure
GS Home Shopping needed a cost-efficient and high-performing system to solve the problem of high maintenance costs for the legacy UNIX servers.

• Migrate legacy UNIX servers to servers based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2660.
After considering cost, performance, power and data center footprint, GS Home Shopping decided to migrate the application server and the eCommerce analytic database server to Intel® architecture-based servers.

• 15.6 percent faster response than the legacy UNIX server.
During the month-long application server test, the eCommerce analytics application server handled 3.1 times more requests during peak times, and the average response time of key applications decreased by 15.6 percent.
• Performance speed increased 2.4 times by changing database server.
The week-long eCommerce analytic database server test indicated showed 2.4 times faster batch performance.
• Reduces maintenance costs.
Maintenance costs are three times less compared to the existing system.

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