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攜帶自有電腦 (BYO PC) 的補助計劃: 研究補助攜帶自有電腦 (BYO PC) 的供給模型

針對 Intel 員工進行問卷調查,以評估攜帶自有電腦 (BYO PC) 補助計劃的可行性

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Intel IT investigated whether a stipend-funded program for bring-your-own (BYO) PCs could optimize the annual IT PC refresh budgets and encourage BYO PC program participation by offering increased platform choice for employees. In a survey of more than 5,000 Intel employees worldwide, 72 percent of respondents favored a stipend-funded PC supply model, but 40 percent of those interested did not want to be responsible for hardware support. We concluded that at this time, a stipend model is not cost effective for Intel IT.