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有效管理IT個人化 (Consumerization) 趨勢的五大步驟

企業中IT個人化 (Consumerization) 趨勢的客戶指南

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Do your customers need practical guidance on consumerization in the enterprise? By taking a proactive approach, customers can help minimize risk by gaining the control they need over unsecured and unmanaged devices. This quick guide for customers covers five steps to managing consumerization in the enterprise. It explains how customers can adopt a user-centered strategy—one designed to optimize the computing experience and keep the user productive on any device—all while maintaining the performance, security, and manageability that IT demands. Moreover, this new approach gives IT a powerful opportunity to retain the organization’s reputation as a technology innovator—especially when it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. Customers can also leverage their existing investments in technology, applications, and training, and design their approach on the solid foundation of the Intel® architecture.