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根據工作負載,找到最適配的 Intel® Xeon® 處理器

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Identify the Right Intel® Xeon® Processor to Match Workloads

The latest Intel® Xeon® processors usher in a new era of intelligent performance that takes compute density to new heights, while delivering best-in-class support for virtualization, consolidation, and cloud computing. Servers based on these processors can help you create a standardized, reliable IT infrastructure that helps you drive down data center space, power, cooling, and management costs, while providing exceptional performance and reliability, even for your most data-demanding applications. To select the right server platform for your IT organization, you need to balance complex technical demands with constraints such as budget and floor space. Because different platforms offer unique benefits and capabilities, it is critical to understand how platforms based on Intel® Xeon® processors can address the particular needs of your environment.

This guide will help you identify and distinguish among the benefits of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family and Intel® Xeon® E5 family for common high-performance computing (HPC), database, and virtualization workloads.

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