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Intelligent Shelf Label Solution

Creating brand awareness and optimizing promotion strategies and inventory.

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Intelligent Shelf Label Solution Creates Brand Awareness

Statistics show that on average, there is a very large failure rate for new dairy products because consumers never try them. Helping turn this around, the intelligent shelf solution provides eye-catching electronic shelf labels that can show product prices, play movies, or display other information with intense color and brilliance, right next to products.

For instance, METRO GROUP*, the fourth largest retailer in the world, is using electronic shelf labels installed in end-cap displays to increase awareness of new products and notify customers about special offers on items that are soon to expire. The shelf labels contain an LCD module capable of displaying price, product information, and high-definition video in various formats.

With this capability, retailers and consumer packaged good (CPG) manufacturers can capture the attention of shoppers by playing attention-grabbing advertisements and animations as they look for products on store shelves.

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