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Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series

The speed you need. The price you want.

Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series

Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series

An essential upgrade to boost compute-intensive day-to-day application performance, the Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series offers the perfect combination of performance, quality, and price, making it the best value upgrade for a personal computer. Intel® SSD 335 Series combines the latest SATA 6 gigabits per second (Gb/s) technology and 20-nanometer multi-level cell (MCL) Intel® NAND Flash Memory, delivering speeds of up to 500 megabytes per second (MB/s) while using less power. Validated for three years of worry-free life, this SSD also boasts reliability and Intel's signature customer support. The result is a vastly more responsive PC to handle the most demanding applications with improved battery life for computing on the go.

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Product review

See why Newegg TV says the Intel® SSD 335 Series is "a strong performer in all categories”.

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Capacity Sequential Read/Write (up to)1 Random 4KB Read/Write (up to)2 Form Factor
120GB 6Gb/s     450 MB/s / 210 MB/s
3Gb/s     265 MB/s / 200 MB/s
20K IOPS / 8K IOPS 2.5-inch SATA
240GB 6Gb/s     500 MB/s / 315 MB/s
3Gb/s     265 MB/s / 240 MB/s
20K IOPS / 8K IOPS 2.5-inch SATA



1. 效能係以佇列深度等於 32 的 Iometer* 測得。

2. 效能係以佇列深度設為 32 的 Iometer* 測得;測量是在 8 GB 的邏輯區塊位址 (LBA) 範圍內執行。