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從 DeskTop 變成 SmarTop*: Citrix XenClient Enterprise*

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From DeskTop to SmarTop*: Citrix XenClient Enterprise*

Driving the next evolution in intelligent workplace delivery with Citrix XenClient Enterprise* and Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors

More than ever, today’s enterprises need access to desktop solutions that enable productivity and flexibility without compromising security and cost. At the same time, technical innovation in virtualization is creating new and exciting ways to develop improved managed workplace solutions. Developments in client-side type-1 and type-2 hypervisors promise an evolution in flexibility and manageability. However, there are still considerable challenges in ensuring these innovations can scale to production and that they can be offered as a ready-to-use service for enterprise customers. Following an in-depth process of testing and evaluation, Swisscom IT Services chose Citrix’s XenClient Enterprise* (XC-E) running on intelligent clients powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors as the core technologies for its new SmarTop* workplace solution – a truly modern managed workplace service for the enterprise.

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