Business Class Wireless Suite

Features and Benefits

Intel® vPro™ Technology Enables enterprise IT to take advantage of intelligent platform security and manageability capabilities for WLAN laptop clients to deliver cost savings and control.
Intel® Active Management Technology Delivers enhanced security and improved remote manageability of WLAN laptop clients to discover assets, heal systems regardless of OS, and protect against malicious attacks.
Intel® Anti-Theft Technology  Provides laptop security technology built into select Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors to help you secure mobile assets. If a laptop is lost or stolen, it shuts down, becoming useless to thieves.
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software Combines an easy-to-use client interface with advanced IT tools to manage wireless profiles and enforce corporate network policies including IT administrator tool, profile migration, adapter switching, and client support tools.
Intel® Pro WiDi for Business Share a presentation wirelessly from your laptop quickly and easily on HDTV. No passing display cable or complex multi-display switching.
Intel® Wireless-AC 802.11ac Performance Delivers up to 3x faster Wi-Fi speeds (up to 867 Mbps1) than 802.11n, with more bandwidth per stream 433 Mbps), more capacity for more users, broader coverage and better battery life (more data transmit efficiencies reduce power consumption). Advanced optional 802.11ac specification features implemented that improve channel reliability resulting in better coverage and performance.
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Intel® vPro™ 技術精密複雜,需要設定與啟動。各項功能是否可用及其效果,將會取決於貴公司硬體、軟體及 IT 環境的設定與配置。若要進一步瞭解,請參閱:。 


此功能需要啟動,而且系統必須連接公司網路,必須搭載已啟用 Intel® AMT 的晶片組、網路硬體與軟體。若使用筆記型電腦,在透過主機作業系統 VPN 連線、透過無線網路連線、使用電池供電、電腦睡眠、休眠或關機時,Intel AMT 可能無法使用或功能有限。其結果會受到硬體、設定及配置的影響。如需詳細資訊,請造訪


必須有啟用 Intel® 無線顯示技術 (Intel® WiDi) 的 PC、平板電腦、智慧型手機,搭配相容的電視轉接器與電視機。1080p 與 Blu-ray* 或其他受保護內容的播放,僅適用於特定 Intel® 處理器,必須啟用內建視覺強化功能。請向您的電腦製造商查詢。如需詳細資訊,請參閱


您的電腦製造商可能不支援 Intel® PROSet/Wireless 軟體。請洽詢您的電腦製造商,以瞭解他們是否有提供此功能。


根據 1x1 802.11n 實作,使用 1 道空間串流,得到的理論最大頻寬。實際的無線傳輸量及 (或) 傳輸範圍,將會因使用的特定作業系統、硬體及軟體配置而異。請向您的電腦製造商查詢詳細資料。