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Intel Enterprise Class WLAN Solutions

Intel® Centrino® Wi-Fi products combined with Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and industry-leading security and manageability technologies deliver enterprise-class mobility solutions. Together, they are a smart investment for your business.

Features and benefits
Intel® vPro™ Technology Enables enterprise IT to take advantage of intelligent platform security and manageability capabilities for WLAN laptop clients to deliver cost savings and control.
Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Delivers enhanced security and improved remote manageability of WLAN laptop clients to discover assets, heal systems regardless of OS, and protect against malicious attacks.
Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) Provides laptop security technology built into select Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors to help you secure mobile assets. If a laptop is lost or stolen, it shuts down, becoming useless to thieves.
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software Combines an easy-to-use client interface with advanced IT tools to manage wireless profiles and enforce corporate network policies including IT Administrator Tool, Profile Migration, Adapter Switching, and client support tools.
Intel® Wireless Display Share a presentation wirelessly from your laptop quickly and easily on HDTV. No passing display cable or complex multi-display switching.
Intel® Centrino Wireless Performance Intel’s dual-band, 2x2, and 3x3 Wi-Fi adapters delivers faster, farther, and more consistent connectivity.

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1. Intel® 無線顯示技術 (Intel® Wireless Display) 需要相容的 Intel® 架構筆記型電腦、配備支援 Intel® 無線顯示技術的協力廠商電視轉接器,以及可用 HDMI 或複合式 AV 輸入端子的電視機。相容的筆記型電腦需要搭載特定 Intel® Core™ 處理器產品 CPU。如需系統需求的完整列表,請參閱 www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/intel-wireless-display.html。不支援需要輸出保護的內容,例如 Blu-ray* 及 DVD 電影播放。如需具體的詳細資訊,請向您的電腦製造商查詢。

2. 根據採用 3x3 802.11n 方法,以 3 道空間串流,結合具有 3 道空間串流的存取點,得到的理論最大值。實際無線傳輸速率及 (或) 傳輸範圍,將會因您使用的特定作業系統、硬體配置及軟體設定而異。請洽詢您的電腦製造商,以取得詳細資料。