Various solution providers integrate Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT)1 for additional security. The following currently available products incorporate trust and security enabled by Intel® TXT.

The capability offered by Intel® TXT is delivered by the technologies enabled in server systems and software, such as hypervisors, virtual machines, operating systems, server management solutions, and security management solutions. 

Solutions and products for Intel® TXT are available from leading server systems providers as well as software and services providers.



Intel® 技術的功能與優勢取決於系統配置,而且可能需要支援的硬體、軟體或服務啟動。效能會因系統配置而有所不同。任何電腦系統都不可能保證絕對安全。請向您的系統製造商或零售商查詢,或是若要進一步瞭解,請參閱