Partner Solutions for FPGA AI

Learn about how our partners leverage Intel® FPGAs to enable a variety of applications from smart retail to speech recognition.

Accenture – Converting Video Analytics Into Business Results

Powered by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs, and Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU), Accenture Video Analytics Services Platform (VASP)* enables you to gain real-time insight to make agile decisions and leverage granular data for long-term trend analyses.

Solution Brief: Transforming video analytics into business results ›

White Paper: Turning video analytics into business value ›

Terasic – Develop Vision Inference Applications at the Edge

Terasic Starter Platform (TSP)* for OpenVINO™ toolkit is a PCIe*-based FPGA card equipped with the largest Cyclone® V GX device at 301K logic elements (LEs). This platform allows you to leverage a low-cost FPGA to provide a reconfigurable competitive performance and low-power consumption.

Innovate FPGA Contest: Projects using TSP ›

Corerain - Delivering a Smart Classroom Solution

Corerain offers an end-to-end smart classroom solution with low latency, low power, and high performance. Running on Intel® FPGAs, Corerain's CAISA* architecture, and RainBuilder* toolchain allow users to build neural networks directly from major frameworks like TensorFlow* and Caffe*.

Solution Brief: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ›

White Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning › – Accelerating Recurrent Neural Networks optimizes workloads for recurrent neural networks (RNN) such as speech transcription, machine translation, and natural language processing for deployment on Intel® FPGAs.

Solution Brief: Accelerating speech workloads for the data center ›

White Paper: Exploiting unstructured sparsity on next-generation data center hardware ›

Manjeera Digital Systems – A Truly Programmable AI Megacore for FPGAs

Manjeera Programmable Inference Engine (PIE)* is scalable and configurable for accelerating AI and machine learning applications on Intel® FPGAs.

Solution Brief: Programmable inference engine 

White Paper: Accelerating memory bound AI inference workloads 

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