Public Cloud Provides Maximum Flexibility

Intel powers cloud services with compatible processors, networking components, and solid-state drives, along with a rich portfolio of enabling technologies, easy-to-deploy cloud solutions, and a broad choice of industry collaborators.

Public Cloud Benefits

Public cloud offers a variety of off-premises IT platforms and services on a mature cloud service provider infrastructure. It’s a way to augment the modern data center without incurring capital expense. Enterprises can quickly accelerate innovation with capabilities and services on Infrastructure as a Service (compute/storage/network), Platform as a Service (databases and runtime libraries) and Software as a Service (business applications systems) options.

Implementing the Public Cloud

Utilizing public cloud frees up the business and IT workforce to focus on new opportunities. Companies often start with non-strategic assets. Then, with experience, they deploy public cloud more widely.

To start, it’s important to conduct skills assessments to make sure you know the capabilities or resources your organization requires. Then you can use public cloud to selectively manage core components—information, applications, resources, and security.

The IT organization can become an advisory committee for business units when it comes to public cloud resources. It can help assess needs and acquire resources without having to go outside the enterprise for support.

Alternative Cloud Strategies

In addition to private cloud, there are two other approaches for enterprise cloud deployment: private and hybrid. See how Intel® technology makes these options viable.

Private Cloud

Rely on a private cloud for dedicated, highly-available and highly-secure workload performance when you need to maintain control, meet compliance, and retain business continuity.

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Hybrid Cloud

Combine on- and off-premises cloud services managed as an integrated, flexible, federated environment with a best-of-breed approach.

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Additional Cloud Computing Resources and Insights

Get Unmatched Agility and Scale

Quickly add storage and computing resources that complement enterprise data centers and accelerate workloads where control and security aren't highly critical.

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Cost-effective IT infrastructure and agility in the marketplace are two compelling reasons to use Microsoft Azure’s wide array of integrated public-cloud business services.

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Cloud Solutions Meet Changing Needs with a Competitive Advantage

Public, private, and hybrid clouds deliver IT services and capabilities for today's complex technological challenges, regardless of business size.

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Resources for Cloud Service Providers

Broadening cloud services and emerging technologies are creating demand for workload-optimized, efficient and agile services.

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