Intel® Future Skills: Cardboard Arcade

Project Overview: Design and build a brand-new arcade game, using your creative thinking skills and cardboard as your main material.

Project Information:

  • Project Category: Tinker

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate

  • Time Range: 60-90 minutes




A world of infinite possibilities. That is the Intel® Future Skills vision. And this is just the beginning of your journey toward innovative thinking and doing.

Welcome to the Cardboard Arcade project. Cardboard is a magical substance that can be transformed into many different forms. Your challenge is to turn this humble material into something amazing. Will it be a pinball machine, or maybe a tossing game? The world is your oyster while you design and build a new game of chance or skill.

When you are finished, share your design and feedback with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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