Moore's Law and Intel Innovation

Gordon Moore

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"The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months."

--Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder

A forecast and a challenge

His forecast for the pace of silicon technology known as Moore's Law, essentially described the basic business model for the semiconductor industry.

Intel, through investments in technology and manufacturing has made Moore’s Law a reality. As transistor scale gets ever smaller Intel expects to continue to deliver on Moore’s prediction well into the foreseeable future by using an entirely new transistor formula that alleviates wasteful electricity leaks creating more energy-efficient processors.

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Exponential growth that continues today

Continuing Moore's Law means the rate of progress in the semiconductor industry will far surpass that of nearly all other industries. The future of Moore’s Law could deliver a magnitude of exponential capability increases, driving a fundamental shift in computing, networking, storage, and communication devices to handle the ever-growing digital content and Intel's vision of 15 billion intelligent, connected devices.

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At the Intel Museum:

Learn more about Gordon Moore and Moore’s Law at the Intel Museum's permanent exhibit dedicated to Gordon Moore and Moore's Law, located in Intel's Robert Noyce Building, Santa Clara, California.

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black and white image of young Robert Noyce

Robert Noyce

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Making silicon chips

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The Intel® 4004 chip

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Talk the Talk

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