Accelerate Industry 4.0 with Intel® Architecture-Based Industrial PCs

What Is a Modern Industrial PC?

An industrial PC (an IPC or industrial computer) is a rugged solution designed to meet demanding environmental requirements, such as protection from liquids and dust, extreme temperatures, and high shock and vibration.

Compared with client systems, IPCs offer greater customization, reliability, and scalability, plus a longer product life cycle. They can also converge with other platforms, like high-resolution vision systems. Low-power and fanless designs make it possible to embed IPCs in smaller, more compact form factors, ideal for space-constrained environments.

Why Migrate to a New Industrial PC?

Avoid technology obsolescence

Run the latest industrial applications and get faster software upgrades.

Improve security and manageability

Get better protection against cyberattacks and efficient remote management of patching processes.

Enable digital manufacturing without rip and replace

Connect and innovate with IoT and AI while preserving your legacy environment and minimizing downtime during your migration.

AI Enables Defect Detection in the Factory

Computer vision software running on Intel® architecture-based industrial PCs helps improve defect detection before a product leaves the manufacturing line. Learn more about how computer vision and deep-learning are helping to solve defect detection issues in a well-known tire manufacturer's factory.

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Find Intel® Architecture-Based Industrial PCs

Industrial PC Form Factors

Intel® technologies power industrial PCs for a wide variety of applications and environments in a range of form factors and mounting options. These include industrial panel PCs, industrial rackmount PCs, industrial workstation PCs, and embedded PCs.

Panel PCs and Industrial Touchscreen PCs

Panel-mounted PCs, including touchscreens, can be installed into a cutout or other enclosure so that they appear flush with the surface.

Rack-Mounted and Equipment-Mounted PCs

There are two form factors for industrial box PCs: rack-mounted and equipment-mounted. These PCs can be fastened to walls or mounted in cabinets or equipment.

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IPC Innovation with Intel

Modern IPCs and embedded PCs for industrial applications built on Intel® architecture offer unique advantages with features to help manage the total cost of ownership.

Scalable Performance

Intel delivers the right level of computing exactly where it's needed for the optimal combination of performance per dollar, per watt. From power efficiency to high performance, Intel's scalable range of computing spans Intel® Core™ processors to Intel® Xeon® processor D and E families.

Remote Manageability

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) is a feature of the Intel vPro® platform. Available on select Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms, Intel® AMT enables in-band and out-of-band management, allowing IT managers to discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets.


Intel's security framework defines four baseline capabilities to build trustworthy solutions. These include platform integrity to protect and verify boot processes; encryption and storage for sensitive data, keys, or credentials; hardware-assisted crypto acceleration and secure key generation; and isolated trusted execution environments to help protect application secrets during runtime.


Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) makes virtualization practical by eliminating performance overheads and improving security. It provides hardware assistance to help reduce the size, cost, and complexity of virtualization. Today, a substantial number of hypervisor vendors and solution developers have enabled their products with Intel® VT.

Invest in the Future of Your Factory

New IPCs offer connectivity, intelligence, and optimized performance that older legacy systems cannot deliver. In a rapidly evolving business environment, this can be the competitive advantage over other industrial enterprises. Now is the time to accelerate your transition.

Migrate to Modern Industrial PCs with Intel

Intel provides training, guidance, and off-the-shelf hypervisors to help streamline the migration process and simplify the transfer of legacy operating systems, applications, and customized settings.

Power Industry 4.0 with Intel

Intel® technologies for IoT are helping the industrial world respond to new challenges with intelligence from edge to cloud.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Intel provides the IoT building blocks to connect, secure, and manage the latest industrial applications.


IoT and Embedded Processors

Our latest processors for IoT offer unique features for functional safety and real-time performance—ideal for robotics, automation, and other industrial use cases.

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Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial

Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial enables easier integration among computing infrastructure, industrial IoT devices, and applications into one platform for edge computing.

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Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial

Transform industrial control systems to software-defined solutions. This software reference platform has compatible hardware that integrates real-time compute, connectivity, and IT-like management.

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