Best Practices in User-Centered IT

Best Practices in User-Centered IT

Best Practices in User-Centered IT

Intel IT has adopted a user-centered approach to delivering IT services that enables us to optimize our IT solutions, improve employee productivity, and increase business velocity. Our user-centered approach involves proactively engaging and partnering with Intel employees and business groups to learn about their needs for information, technology, and services, as well as desired experience. This ...partnership is helping us to develop IT solutions that provide flexibility and choice, as well as support employee workflows.

To strengthen this partnership, Intel IT made a fundamental shift in our approach over the last several years to focus and prioritize customer outcomes. How we work, what we do, and what results we are driving to, are all based on aligning to the goals and needs of our internal customers—Intel employees and business groups. We are engaging with them in new ways, inviting them to play a stronger role in technology direction, evaluation, adoption, and services development.


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