Intel® QLC Technology Built for the PC. Capacity at an Amazing Price.

Finally, PCIe* and Intel® QLC 3D NAND in one SSD.

Meet today’s storage needs and prepare for the growing demands of tomorrow with the Intel® SSD 660p Series built on Intel® QLC 3D NAND Technology.

The Intel® SSD 660p Series is the first QLC-based client PCIe* SSD in the industry, continuing Intel’s leadership in flash cell technology and quality manufacturing. The SSD 660p finally fits low-cost and high-capacity—up to 2TB—into one drive.

PCIe* Performance at an Affordable Price
Empowered by Intel’s innovative Intel® QLC Technology, the Intel® SSD 660p Series offers higher capacities at a lower cost than TLC-based options.2 Delivering capacity optimized NVMe* performance and an intelligent storage option for mainstream and entry-level computing, the SSD 660p offers 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, and at an affordable price.2

2x the Capacity in Identical Footprints1
These client SSDs pack more data than TLC-based storage, allowing up to 2x more capacity in identical footprints. The thin M.2 80mm form factor makes it perfect for notebooks, desktops, and mobile devices that need storage for everyday computing.

Intel® QLC Technology is built on a unique architecture that provides performance, high capacities, quality, and reliability. We have developed this dynamic architecture that changes cell configuration to ensure customers get the storage capacity they need at the performance they expect.

Delivering capacity-optimized NVMe* performance and an intelligent storage option for mainstream and entry-level computing, the SSD 660p offers 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, and at an affordable price.2

Why Intel?
Our complete product life cycle support extends from ecosystem enabling to postsales support. Paired with the quality of our supply chain, Intel has a foundation in innovation leadership.

That foundation results in drives with robust and lasting data integrity, reliably effective performance, and increased platform confidence through our unique position as a platform provider. Intel knows workloads, and we architect our products to excel in real world use.

Industry Recognition

The Intel® SSD 660p has received significant industry praise and high marks, garnering multiple “awards” and badges, including:

  • AnandTech Recommended
  • Hot Hardware Recommended
  • Legit Review Value Award
  • PC Perspective Editor’s Choice
  • Tom’s Hardware Editor’s Choice

Features At-a-Glance


Intel® SSD 660p Series

Capacity and Form Factor

M.2 2280-S3-M 512 GB, 1024 GB (1 TB), 2048 GB (2 TB)
Height and Weight: 80mm, <10 grams


PCIe* 3.0x4, NVMe*

Media 64-layer, QLC, 3D NAND

Sequential Read: Up to 1,800MB/s, Sequential Write: Up to 1800MB/s
Random 4KB Reads: Up to 220,000 IOPS, Random 4KB Writes: Up to 220,000 IOPS


512 GB: 100 TBW
1 TB: 200 TBW
2 TB: 400 TBW
TBW=Terabytes written


Active: 100mW, Idle: 40mW

Operating Temperature

0° C to 70° C


5-year limited warranty

For more information 4



Intel® SSD 660p 系列(最高 2TB)與 Intel® SSD 600p 系列(最高 1TB)之間的規格比較顯示,在相同磁碟使用量下的容量多出 2 倍。


Intel® SSD 660p 512GB 相對於 Intel® SSD 545s 512GB(109.99 美元)資料來源


IOMeter 測試與系統配置:Intel® Core™ i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz,Gigabyte 主機板,NVIDIA* Geforce 2109.18.13.4195,BIOS:AMI* P1.90,晶片組:Intel® INF,記憶體:16GB (4x4GB) Corsair* DDR4-2400,Microsoft Windows* 10 企業版 64 位元,使用原生 NVMe* 儲存裝置驅動程式。效能分數會因容量不同而有所差異。


測量依據以 Intel® SSD 545s 系列與 PCIe* Intel® SSD 760p 系列 2 TB 為比較對象的 Mobile Mark 2014 效能評定。

Intel® 技術的功能與優勢取決於系統配置,而且可能需要支援的硬體、軟體或服務啟動。實際效能會依系統組態而異。沒有電腦系統能提供絕對的安全性。請洽當地的系統製造商或零售商,以進一步瞭解。

Intel 並不提供任何明示或暗示之擔保,包括但不限於關於適售性、適合特定用途、不侵犯權利的暗示擔保,以及任何因執行過程、交易過程或用於業務中而產生的擔保。

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