Intelligent Processors for Intelligent PCs

Work at the speed of creativity with Intel® processors designed to support new AI capabilities.

What’s Possible with an Intelligent PC Powered by an Intelligent Processor?

AI is changing our expectations of what technology products can do for us. And now, it’s transforming the PC you know and rely upon for some of your most important work and creative projects.

Intel has integrated AI capabilities right into the PC processor to meet the growing demand for modern software applications. Whether it’s existing applications getting smarter or entirely new tools, intelligent PCs with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors deliver dedicated performance for the deep neural networks that form the foundation of AI applications.

Professional-Level Creativity for All

From live streaming enhancements to automatic photo and video editing, PCs with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors deliver AI-enabled features that let anyone create like a professional.

New Applications on the Latest PCs

Some of the world’s most innovative software vendors are creating exciting new AI-enabled applications for the latest PC models.

Video Upscaling

Get high-resolution video with AI-enhanced detail boost for sharp and realistic visuals.

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AI Photo Editor

Save time with photo-editing tools like automatic subject selection and content-aware fill.

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Image Content Search

Find just the image you need with software that intelligently tags photos based on content.

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AI Video Editing

Easily keep your video subject front and center so you can post your latest video faster with AI-Powered auto reframe.

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Neural Noise Cancellation

Conduct better videoconferencing with technology that intelligently eliminates audio distractions.

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We are seeing growing demand for AI technology from content creators. We have integrated OpenVINO™ toolkit into a number of our creative software’s AI features, such as styling videos into live paintings in PowerDirector and deblurring photos in PhotoDirector. Using Intel’s technologies not only enables use cases otherwise impractical, but it can generate significant time savings for our customers.

Richard Carriere
SVP, Global Marketing, CyberLink

By incorporating artificial intelligence into our suite of photo editing applications at Topaz Labs, we’ve found new ways to support photographers around the world with the most advanced, intuitive solutions to some of their toughest challenges in postprocessing. The integration of the Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit and Iris® Plus Graphics has added tremendous value to our AI applications by allowing Intel users to accelerate their workflows with unprecedented speed and greatly improve their experience.

Eric Yang
CEO, Topaz Labs

Innovative PCs with Integrated AI Engines

AI creativity and productivity start with a powerful combination of hardware enhancements. Because not all applications behave the same way, Intel delivers a variety of AI-enhancing technologies, from supporting intense video and photo applications to always-on, low-power AI for applications running in the background.

Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost)

Get up to 2.5x AI performance compared to the previous-generation processor with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost).1 This new set of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX2 & AVX-512) instructions accelerates AI applications on the PC. For example, CyberLink PhotoDirector* uses Intel® DL Boost to maximize performance of features such as AI deblur, which allows users to quickly recover blurred photographs.

Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics

Intel’s newest graphics architecture supports the execution of deep neural networks—the key ingredient in modern AI workloads. For example, Intel® Iris® Plus graphics enable automatic video re-framing in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as real-time super-resolution for streamed media and videoconferencing.

Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (Intel® GNA)

When power and performance are critical, the Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (Intel® GNA) provides power-efficient, always-on support. Intel® GNA is designed to deliver AI speech and audio applications such as neural noise cancellation, while simultaneously freeing up CPU resources for overall system performance and responsiveness.

Voice Assistant Preprocessing Engine

With Intel’s integrated digital signal processor (DSP) technology, popular AI voice assistants can listen for their “wake words” in an ultralow-power state, and even while the PC is in Modern Standby. This means you can now take your favorite voice assistant services on the go.

More Resources on the Latest PCs

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With Project Athena, Intel is providing PC makers with a road map to bring AI-enabled products to the market.

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