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Anevia* is one of the leading software providers for delivery of live TV, time shifted TV, streaming, and video on demand services. Their Genova Live application is a real-time HEVC video transcoder for Internet TV. This is a core bound application.

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Anevia* is impacted by the cost of hardware infrastructure and quality of video being delivered. As such, any improvement in performance translates to being able to transcode:

(1) More video channels in parallel at the same quality or
(2) Same number of video channels at lower bit rate, which saves costs. Hence customer is always seeking to get the best possible performance out of their hardware.

With 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Anevia* is able to achieve up to 22%1 2 3 more live HD services compared to previous generation, due to improved memory bandwidth and the new Vector Neural Network Instructions. These new instructions helped more HEVC services to be transcoded, than without.



效能結果依據 Intel 與 Anevia 於 2019 年 4 月 9 日進行的測試,可能無法反映所有公開提供的安全性更新。沒有產品或元件能提供絕對的安全性。若需完整的測試組態詳細資料,請參閱組態一節。


效能測試中使用的軟體與工作負載可能僅針對 Intel® 微處理器進行最佳化。包括 SYSmark* 與 MobileMark* 在內的效能測試是使用特定電腦系統、零組件、軟體、作業與功能進行量測。這些因素若有任何異動,均可能導致測得結果產生變化。建議您參考其他資訊與效能測試數據,協助您充分評估欲購買產品的性能,包括該產品在搭配其他產品運作時的效能。如需更完整的資訊,請參閱


Anevia 工作負載:Genova Live 版本 5.4,作業系統:CentOS Linux* 7.6 核心 3.10.0-957,由 Intel 和 Anevia 於 2019 年 4 月進行的測試。針對變異 1、2、3、3a、4 與 L1TF 的安全性風險緩解已準備就緒。
基準:2S Intel® Xeon® Gold 處理器 6152,2.1GHz,22 核心,開啟渦輪與超執行緒,BIOS 1.0286,microcode:0x2000057,總記憶體 192GB,12 插槽 / 16GB / 2666 MT/s / DDR4 雙層式 RDIMM,CentOS Linux* 7.6 核心 3.10.0-957。
新組態:2S Intel® Xeon® Gold 處理器 6252,2.1GHz,24 核心,開啟渦輪與超執行緒,BIOS 1.0395,microcode:0x400001c,總記憶體 192GB,12 插槽 / 16GB / 2933 MT/s / DDR4 雙層式 RDIMM,CentOS Linux* 7.6 核心 3.10.0-957。