Check for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) Technology

Check for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) Technology

Check for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) Technology

In just 3 simple steps, you can verify if a PC has the latest Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) technology before you buy to ensure you get faster Gigabit wireless speeds, support for 160 MHz channel bandwidth and WPA3, higher capacity, lower latency1, and next-gen security2. Without Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, your next device will suffer from outdated wireless connectivity leading to years ...of frustration before you upgrade again. Wi-Fi 6 is designed for the rapid growth of connected devices, streaming services, and high-bandwidth demands of today’s home wireless networks and is the biggest advancement to Wi-Fi technology since Wi-Fi 4 in 2009. While older Wi-Fi technologies were contention-based, letting devices connect on a first-come-first-served basis, Wi-Fi 6 traffic is efficiently managed by the router for faster speeds, greater reliability, and more responsive interactions for wireless gaming, entertainment, and video streaming.

How to check for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) technology:

  • Press and hold the “Windows” key and the “X” key on the keyboard.
  • Press the “M” key to select the Device Manager.
  • Expand the “Network Adapters” item and look for “Intel® Wi-Fi 6” and “160 MHz” to know you are getting the latest wireless connectivity solution.



延遲減少 75%:依據 Intel 使用 9 個用戶端測試 802.11ax 採用與未採用 OFDMA 的模擬資料 (79%)。未採用 OFDMA 的平均延遲為 36 毫秒,採用 OFDMA 的平均延遲則降低為 7.6 毫秒。為了改善延遲,802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) 路由器與所有用戶端皆必須支援 OFDMA。如需詳細資訊,請造訪


WPA3 Wi-Fi 安全性功能:Wi-Fi Alliance 產業聯盟將認證 Wi-Fi 6 產品符合 IEEE 802.11ax 標準,並需要 WPA3 安全性認證作為先決條件,以確保能提供最新的 Wi-Fi 安全性功能。WPA3 簡化密碼:WPA3 使用對等實體同時驗證 (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals, SAE),取代 WPA2 使用的預先共用金鑰 (Pre-Shared Key, PSK) 通訊協定。SAE 能更安全地處理初始金鑰交換,並使用前向保密 (forward secrecy),使其能更加妥善地應對離線解密攻擊,並提供更加強固的密碼驗證。WPA3 強化防護:802.11ax 網路運用等同於 192 位元的加密強度,提供額外網路防護能力,更優於 WPA2 使用的 128 位元 AES 加密。