Flex Edge Compute Engine Kit* by Flextronics

A healthcare solution.

This solution can help reduce hospital readmission rates and lower healthcare costs by making it easier for healthcare providers to monitor user health over time. The collaboration uses the Intel® Health Application Platform (Intel® HAP) to create a non-FDA regulated smart edge compute device. This device is paired by a solution provider with a software platform that combines data from multiple devices and transfers the information.1

Product Details

Available now

Built by Flex, sold by Flex

Available in Americas


Intel® products: Intel®-based Dell Gateway - E3825 1.33GHz, Intel Atom® x3 quad-core CPU/GPU, Intel® AG630 (Wi-Fi-BT/cellular 2G/3G quad band transceivers), Intel® Health Application Platform (Intel® HAP), Intel® HAP Board Support Package (BSP), Data Integration and Delivery Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Supported platforms: OS Support: Android*


Intel contact: robert.kamp@intel.com

Solution provider contact: joshua.grossman@flex.com



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