Intel® Select Solutions for Hybrid Cloud

Intel® Select Solutions for Hybrid Cloud bring all the advantages of cloud services to your on-premises data center in a simple and accelerated deployment option. Choose verified solutions that offer tuned and optimized infrastructure for private cloud strategies at premium performance from software-defined compute, storage, and networking capabilities.

Intel® Select Solutions for Huawei FusionStorage*

Quickly deploy robust, scalable software-defined storage, designed for cloud-based architectures, with this optimized and performance-verified solution.

Intel® Select Solutions for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform*

An optimized solution, tested and verified by Intel and Red Hat, that runs an on-premises, private container platform that is customizable and fully interoperable with existing infrastructure and environments.

Intel® Select Solutions for VMware vSAN*

Hyper-converged storage virtualization configurations optimized for peak performance.

Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack*

Enable delivery of Azure Services from on-premise datacenters, including all-flash storage architecture options to provide additional performance.

Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft Windows Server* Software-Defined

Designed to accelerate traffic between nodes in the cluster and improve total cost of ownership.

Intel® Select Solutions for Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric*

Enhance performance and increase efficiency with this workload-optimized, blockchain solution built on Hyperledger Fabric and based on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform.

歡迎向我們的合作夥伴諮詢 Intel® Select 解決方案 (Intel® Select Solution)

歡迎向參與的 OEM 合作夥伴諮詢 Intel® Select 解決方案,協助您加速資料中心的現代化程序。探索企業 IT、高效能運算 (HPC) 與網路轉型的豐富選擇,瞭解以 Intel® Xeon® 處理器產品為基礎而打造的解決方案如何提供能因應未來需求的工作負載最佳化效能。

檢視 OEM 解決方案


Intel® Xeon® 可擴充處理器

全新 Intel® Xeon® 可擴充處理器將工作負載最佳化,能支援混合雲基礎架構以及大多數高需求的應用。您可以推動能化為具體行動的深刻見解、仰賴以硬體為基礎的安全性,以及部署動態服務交付。


適用於資料中心的 Intel® 固態硬碟

運用最優異的資料中心儲存解決方案,消除效能瓶頸。將基礎架構現代化,滿足數位業務的需求。適用於資料中心的 Intel® 固態硬碟針對效能、可靠度與耐用度最佳化。


Intel® 乙太網路產品

Intel® 乙太網路介面卡、控制器和配件可賦予資料中心靈活度,以兼具效率與成本效益的方式有效地提供服務。全球供應、詳盡的相容性測試,以及累積 35 年的創新經驗,讓 Intel® 乙太網路產品成為客戶的最佳伺服器網路連接選擇。