AI Powered by Intel® FPGAs

Intel® FPGAs provide flexibility for artificial intelligence (AI) system architects searching for competitive deep learning accelerators that also support differentiating customization. The ability to tune the underlying hardware architecture, including variable data precision, and software-defined processing allows the FPGA to deploy state-of-the-art innovations as they emerge. Underlying application use include in-line image and data processing, front-end signal processing, network ingest, and I/O aggregation. 

Intel FPGAs offer a cost-effective reprogrammable platform that allow for customizable performance, customizable power, high-throughput, and low-batch latency that can be designed to your exact specification. Intel FPGAs offer extremely fine-grained, on-chip bandwidth driving performance on memory-bound workloads that enable acceleration of applications from the edge of the network to the data center. Microsoft* deployed Intel® Stratix®10 FPGAs to bring real-time AI hardware microservices on Microsoft Azure* for Project Brainwave. Learn more about our collaboration with Microsoft.

Intel leadership in technology stands out in today’s increasingly complex and heterogeneous computing world. Our mission is to deliver powerful and intuitive developer tools that can transform computer vision, deep learning and analytics processing capabilities into applications that help turn data into intelligent insights powering AI. The OpenVINO™ toolkit allows users to access various Intel architecture, the Intel® FPGA Deep Learning Acceleration Suite accesses Intel FPGAs for real-time AI by enabling a complete top-to-bottom customizable AI inference solution. Learn how you can integrate Intel FPGA into your application for real-time AI inferencing optimized for performance, power and cost.

Intel FPGAs' flexibility enable variable precision deep learning inference

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel Arria® 10 FPGA – White Paper.

The Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel Arria® 10 FPGA offers exceptional performance, flexibility, and scalability for deep learning and computer vision solutions.

Boost Performance of Video Analytics with the Intel® Vision Accelerator Design

Build high-performance computer vision applications with integrated deep learning inference.  

OpenVINO™ Toolkit and FPGAs.

A look at the FPGA targeting of this versatile visual computing toolkit 

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design product.

The Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products provide fast, high-accuracy vision-based inferencing for edge-deployed visual intelligence in a wide range of application, such as smart city, retail, surveillance, industrial, and medical uses 

Intel® FPGAs Powering Real-Time AI Inferencing

Intel FPGAs are accelerating the world of AI. This ~3 min read summarizes why Intel FPGAs are a versatile choice for real-time AI inferencing. Take your AI application from prototype to production with Intel FPGAs.

Intel FPGAs Power AI in Microsoft Azure*

At the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft debuted Azure* Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered by Project Brainwave integrated with the Microsoft Azure* Machine Learning SDK for preview.

OpenVINO is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.