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Learn how ScaleMatrix uses Intel® technology to deliver innovative customer solutions and provide them with the cloud flexibility and performance they need.

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Innovation is important to ScaleMatrix for so many reasons. It's the life blood of our business.

I'm Chris Orlando. I'm CEO and chairman of ScaleMatrix. From the beginning ScaleMatrix has been focused on the hybrid mission, delivering cloud, co-location, and on-premise services, meeting customers wherever their demands require. We have a spirit of innovation here at the company that is the foundation of everything we do. It's our belief that those that don't innovate won't last long in the future. Here at Scale our unique delivery is around cloud flexibility and performance. We developed the ScaleCloud Enterprise Tier to be the last cloud you'll ever need.

My name's Brent Beverly, I'm the Vice President of Technology and Operations here at ScaleMatrix. We focused on processors that can continuously push the envelope, a hardware age guarantee that lets you know the age of your hardware, as well as professional support and services that will continuously develop your business no matter what direction it takes. With Scale Cloud Enterprise harnessing all of the capabilities of Intel's new processors and our next-generation DDC platform we squeeze every bit of value out of every inch in the data center and every single gigahertz of processing power.

Intel's technologies are at the foundation of all our services here at ScaleMatrix. Our Scale Cloud platform leverages the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum 8180 processor which makes use of a turbo function that's really in demand today. What's great for our customers is that when you combine Intel's processing power with the specific and controlled environments that are delivered through our high density DDC platform customers get even better outcomes.

Recently one of our long-term customers had begun migrating workloads into a hyperscale cloud platform looking for different features and capabilities. After the introduction of the new Intel platform into our Scale Cloud Enterprise offer we were able to provide the customer with a trial account on that system. The customer was so pleased with the outcome of that demonstration not only did they stop migrating workloads to that hyperscale platform but they've actually begun migrating workloads back into the ScaleMatrix platform.

We have many AI, IoT, and HPC companies that come to us, and flexibility is the name of the game. What we've done here at Scale is given flexibility back to these companies. They can run on the highest compute in the market today for their worker nodes, or code on the lower compute to save costs. ScaleCloud Enterprise Tier utilises Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum 8180 processors because they are optimized for AI and HPC workloads. This includes Intel's 3D NAND technology for reliability, performance, and low power utilization.

Our advice to other CSPs in the market would be to focus primarily on the needs of your customer. Everything we do here at ScaleMatrix was driven by a customer demand in some way, shape or form. At our San Diego headquarters we sit in an area where life sciences and health care are a burgeoning vertical.

With so many customers coming to our data center for those services. We thought as a way to give back to the community we'd develop a center that would help early stage businesses get into the field by leveraging our CLIA certified lab and the strong data center capabilities from storage, cloud, and co-location. These early stage companies have got all the resources they need to help get off the ground faster. Intel is on the forefront of technology innovation and with so much of ScaleMatrix's focus being on keeping customers ahead of technology advancements the partnership between our organization couldn't be more valuable.

Intel® technologies are at the foundation of all the services we offer here at ScaleMatrix. Our 15 year partnership with Intel has been fantastic, and being able to see into the future with roadmaps and technology advancements help us deliver better products and services that predict the needs of our customers.