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Discover how enhanced workload performance is helping cloud service provider Expedient provide better results for their clients. Find out how the infrastructure-as-a-service provider is staying ahead of the increasing workload demands that come with new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Expedient is pretty unique in the marketplace because we're always focused where our clients need to be, not where they're at right now. Continuous improvement is our mantra round here. We even put it on the walls. That goes with our employees, that goes with the clients that we're serving, that's our mantra for everything.

My name is John White and I'm the VP of Product Strategy for Expedient. Expedient is a cloud service provider and managed service provider and we're focused on providing areas of expertise around risk mitigation, performance, availability of IT services.

2018 was a milestone year for us. We launched a project that we've been working on that's called Expedient Enterprise Cloud, and this was a complete re-platforming of our cloud infrastructure.

I see two main benefits from being built on Intel. The processors are rock solid, I'm not even sure there's another vendor out there to buy processors from. There's the second element that the clients might not know about but really impacts their life, and it's Intel's ability to provide us information about trends way before they're even going to happen. So we're able to take that information and then put together a roadmap to make sure that we have the products that can service them for the future.

So ten years ago we launched our cloud, and a few years into it we had clients asking us, 'Well how could you guarantee the performance of this cloud? So a few of us started running benchmarks. We went out looking for third party companies to actually go and audit this analysis for us, and we found a company in Boston named Cloud Spectator. The biggest results for us were focused on CPU performance, disk storage performance, mainly read because that's the majority of the workload, as well as then the actual performance per dollar.

Intel engineering has been with us lockstep through the designs of our pods from generation one to generation eight. In the latest release of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor they took years and years of understanding, of running virtual workloads, and figured out how to accelerate them and actually make them run better. So when our clients use the latest generation pod from us, they actually got these benefits without really knowing it, which sped up the application workload.

Looking forward to the future, the second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor is going to allow us to run artificial intelligence and machine learning applications better and faster than any other processor that we've had running in the cloud architecture before.

Applications are shifting and changing. Micro services are going to become more common, so you're going to have a lot more things fighting for the performance of the storage. So as the application starts to change and shift we need some of the new technology that Intel is building.

One of the biggest ones is Intel® Optane™ storage. Optane is going to be the storage platform needed to handle a lot of the big write workload that we have inside of our storage system.

The biggest advice that I'd give to other CSPs that are out there is staying in your swim lane. Know who you are, know what you can actually do and focus on just that. Cloud providers are going to be popping up every day focused on new applications and creating niches that are going to be very beneficial for end clients in the future.