Increasing use of cloud services is a top priority for both business and IT decision makers. To win some of this new business, make sure your cloud offerings appeal to customers' biggest needs. Data from Forrester Research reveals what your clients really want from the cloud - find out more below.1


Increasing security and privacy capabilities is the top priority for business and IT over the next 12 months.

Say data security and protection from cybercrime is their biggest concern about SaaS.

Over a third of IT decision makers say improved security services would help convince business teams to use cloud services.

Privacy and Compliance

57% say that compliance with data and privacy laws is a top concern.


56% say that unauthorized data access by foreign governments and agencies is a top concern.


29% of IT decision makers say that compliance would help them to convince business teams to use cloud services.

Speed and Agility

77% say improved agility is a main reason to choose SaaS.


74% say speed of implementation and deployment is an important benefit of SaaS.

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