Improve Server Application Performance

Enterprise data is increasing at a staggering rate, and applications need to access that data faster than ever before. Hard drive speeds cannot keep up with the significant performance gains provided by Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers. Critical business applications are "data starved" as they wait for legacy mechanical hard drives to catch up.

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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software offers an innovative solution to this challenge by using an Intel® SSD for data centers as a cache for data that is frequently accessed. By storing a copy of this "hot" data in the SSD, server applications run faster. Get up to 3 times more performance on transactional database processing and up to 20 times faster processing of read-intensive business analytics.1

  • No need to modify applications: Intel Cache Acceleration Software is transparent to users and applications.
  • Preserve the investment in hard drives: Intel Cache Acceleration Software delivers performance levels almost as high as if all the hard drives were replaced with SSDs.
  • Lock specific data in the cache: Provides key applications the extra performance at critical times or to meet the requirements of a specific SLA.
  • Installs into the Windows* or Linux* server OS: Both as a physical server and running virtually under VMware*, KVM, Citrix XenServer*, or Windows Hyper-V.

Intel Caching Explained

Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) allows enterprise applications to maximize performance and eliminate I/O bottlenecks with very low effort and upfront costs.




效能測試中使用的軟體與工作負載,可能只有針對 Intel 微處理器執行的效能最佳化。效能測試 (例如 SYSmark* 與 MobileMark*) 使用特定的電腦系統、元件、軟體、作業及功能進行評量。這些因素若有任何變更,可能會導致不同的結果。考慮購買時,為了協助您充分評估,您應該參考其他資訊及效能測試,包括該產品結合其他產品使用時的效能表現。
根據以下配置:Intel® 伺服器主機板 2600CO (代號 Copper Pass);Intel® Xeon® 處理器 E5-2680 (2.7 GHz)、32 GB DDR2/1333 記憶體;Microsoft Windows* 2008R2 SP1、Intel® CAS 2.0 候選版本 1;IOMeter 10.22.2009;4K 隨機讀取測試;佇列深度 32;800 GB Intel® SSD 910 系列,Intel® RAID 控制器 RS25AB080 使用 MR54p1 韌體;8 個一萬轉 SAS 硬碟,組成 RAID 0 陣列,使用 MR54p1 韌體;以及 8 個一萬轉 SAS 硬碟,組成 RAID 0 陣列。如需詳細資訊,請參閱