Improve Application Performance

Improve Application Performance with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS)

Today's data centers are held back by storage I/O that cannot keep up with ever-increasing demand, preventing systems from reaching their full performance potential. Traditional solutions, such as increasing storage, servers, or memory, add huge expense and complexity.

Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS), combined with high performance Solid State Drives (SSDs), increases data center performance via intelligent caching rather than extreme spending. Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) interoperates with server memory to create a multilevel cache that optimizes the use of system memory and automatically determines the best cache level for active data, allowing applications to perform even faster than running fully on flash/SSDs.1

Accelerate Your Scale-Out Storage Performance

Yahoo* needed a faster, lower cost way to process hot data for 1 billion users a day. They got it by deploying Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) 3.0 on the Intel® SSD Data Center Family for PCIe* in their existing Ceph* environment.

Eliminate I/O Latency with an SSD Bundle

Save time and money with confidence: Purchasing an Intel® SSD with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) bundle saves on cost (discounted vs when sold separately) and eases software management compliance and overhead. Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) software is licensed per SSD and is included with the Intel® SSD at time of purchase with one-year of included support. The bundles of Intel® SSDs with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) are solutions designed to meet the most challenging data center workloads and undergo a full set of tests for each software release.

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Experience Intel® CAS

Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) installs in moments. Whether you're using VMs or dedicated servers, you will quickly see how our server-side caching software accelerates your I/O-bound business applications using SAN or direct attached storage to any Flash device (SAS, SATA, or PCIe*). Want to try before you buy? A 120-day trial version of Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) is available, choose your platform and get started.


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系統配置:Sysbench 資料庫測試:Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) for Linux* v2.7.0,Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 處理器 (2.70 GHz x 2),CentOS* 6.5 核心版本 3.10.24,32GB RAM,已快取 50% 的資料庫,Intel® 固態硬碟 DC P37000 系列 400GB,Sysbench 版本 0.4.12(16 個執行緒,最大要求數=1000)。
系統配置:Microsoft Hyper-V* 虛擬化:Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) for Windows* v2.7.0,Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 處理器 (2.60 GHz)、Microsoft Windows* Server 2012 R2,128GB RAM,Intel® SSD DC P3700 系列 400GB、8 個 SAS RAID 5 作為主要儲存。