Media, Video, and Image Processing FPGA


Processing internet traffic, comprising an increasing volume of images and videos, gets harder each year for social networks, e-commerce sites, and Content Distribution Network (CDN) providers. These end-customers are looking beyond the tradition scale-up, scale-out approach of simply adding more CPU cores to server nodes. Companies are turning to hardware accelerators to account for increased media processing data center demands.

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CTAccel Image Processor (CIP) integrated on the Intel® Arria® 10 Programmable Acceleration Card greatly improves the performance of image processing and image analytics with FPGA-based acceleration. CIP redefines data center image processing with an architecture that uses massive parallel algorithms to increase computational performance. As a result, it benefits customers because by increasing image processing throughput, reducing computational latency, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Solution Brief

Learn more about how CTAccel leverages Intel® FPGAs for improved performance of media processing in the data center.

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