Intel® FPGAs Powering the Next Generation of NFV


Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® FPGA PAC) N3000 is Intel's first full-duplex 100Gbps in-system re-programmable acceleration card for multi-workload networking application acceleration. The Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® PAC) N3000 has the right memory mixture designed for network functions, with integrated NIC in a small form factor that enables high throughput, low latency, low-power/bit for custom networking pipeline. Support for industry standard orchestration and open source tools allow users to adapt quickly to evolving workloads.

5G Network Transformation

5G technology greatly enhances speed, coverage, and responsiveness of wireless networks and will drive new high bandwidth and low latency use cases such as high definition live video streaming, virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR), etc. 5G use cases will alter consumption patterns and lead to the creation of new services and new revenue opportunities for carriers.

Need for Acceleration

With 5G, service providers are required to upgrade their current architectures to add new revenue generating services while maintaining CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies and economies of scale. Intel® FPGAs allow customers to drive better CPU efficiency and accelerate workloads ranging from edge, network to cloud applications. Some of the virtualized applications in the networking space are virtual radio access network (vRAN), virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG), virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC), virtual firewall (vFW), and Segment Routing for IPv6 Vector Packet Processing (SRv6 VPP).

Intel® FPGA PAC N3000

The Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® PAC) N3000 accelerates network traffic for up to 100Gbps to support low latency, high bandwidth 5G applications. It allows customers to create custom tailored accelerated virtualized solutions for vRAN and Core network workloads and achieve faster time-to-market (TTM) with support of industry standard orchestration and open source tools. Intel is accelerating NFV adoption by enabling ecosystem partners such as Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (TEM), Virtual Network Function (VNF) vendors, system integrators, and Telcos to bring scalable and high performance solutions to market.


Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® FPGA PAC) N3000 for Networking

1. Intel provided example IPs for NFV acceleration functions:
            a. vBNG: H-QoS, Classification, Policing, Scheduling, Shaping
            b. vEPC and 5G NGCN
            c. IPSec
            d. SRv6 VPP
            e. vRAN
2. Development Tools
            a. Intel® Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK)
            b. Open Programmable Acceleration Engine (OPAE)
            c. Intel® Quartus® Prime Software and the Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Application Developers
3. Features
            a. High performance Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA
            b. High speed network interface support
                     I. 10Gbps
                    II. 25Gbps
            c. High bandwidth, low latency memory support
                     I. 9GB DDR4
                    II. 144 Mb QDR-IV
            d. High speed host interface: PCIe* Gen 3x16
            e. Dual Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter (Intel® Ethernet CNA) XL710
                     I. Built on more than 35 years of continuous Ethernet innovations, the Intel® Ethernet 700 Series delivers networking performance across a wide range of network port speeds through intelligent offloads, sophisticated packet processing, and quality open source drivers.
             f. Board Management
                     I. Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
                                i. Temperature and voltage readout
                               ii. Platform Level Data Model (PLDM)
                              iii. Remote update of FPGA flash memory and BMC
             g. Power Management
                      I. Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions
                                i. Low noise and high efficiency voltage regulators
              h. Small form factor: Half Length Full Height

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