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Intel Augments Networking Portfolio with Best-in-Class High-Performance Computing Fabric Technology

Intel is pleased to announce that the acquisition of QLogic's InfiniBand* program has now been completed. Intel will continue selling, servicing, and supporting the current TrueScale InfiniBand* product portfolio while investing in the future direction of HPC fabrics. We are committed to the HPC community and customers who have chosen the TrueScale* architecture as the basis for their HPC platforms.

The TrueScale portfolio of TrueScale InfiniBand host adapters, edge and director switches, and Fabric Suite* management and monitoring tools has established TrueScale InfiniBand as a leading technology in the high performance computing (HPC) market. This acquisition is designed to enhance Intel’s networking portfolio and provide scalable high-performance computing (HPC) fabric technology as well as support Intel’s vision of innovating on fabric architectures to achieve ExaFLOP/s performance by 2018. An ExaFLOP/s is a quintillion computer operations per second, a hundred times more than today’s fastest supercomputers.

TrueScale InfiniBand Overview

The performance and efficiency of the interconnect fabric used with today's multi-core and many-core processors has a direct impact on how well applications will perform. Today's HPC clusters will run demanding HPC applications faster when configured with Intel TrueScale InfiniBand interconnect.

Designed specifically for HPC, the Intel TrueScale InfiniBand architecture uses a modern "host on-load" design that delivers application level performance that scales with HPC clusters utilizing high core count processors, including the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 family (future release).

Complementing the TrueScale InfiniBand host adapters is the Intel 12000 Series of InfiniBand Switches, which creates a very high performing fabric for HPC clusters and their MPI applications. Every member of the Intel 12000 Series family provides predictable scalable performance, even under heavy traffic and extreme message rate loads.  

Additional TrueScale InfiniBand Information and Support Services

Intel is now working with QLogic to transition information and support services from QLogic website to Intel's website. When accessing the following information and services, you will be transferred to QLogic site until the transition can be completed.