Learning in the Fast Lane

From doing homework online to collaborating in class, decide on Intel-powered Chromebooks* to bring the performance and speed students need to achieve success in school.

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Why Choose Chromebooks* for Your Classroom? 

Get power that keeps students performing—and a long battery life that won’t slow them down—with Intel-powered Chromebooks* in the classroom. Explore all the benefits of Chromebooks that make them right for learning and teaching.

  • Cost-effective and affordable to make the most of your education budget
  • Instant-on means more time for learning
  • All-day battery life lets students learn longer
  • Chromecast* screen sharing supports collaboration
  • Automatic updates keep maintenance hassle-free


What to Consider When Choosing Chromebooks for Education

What to Consider When Choosing Chromebooks* for Education

  • Productivity features that power learning
  • Fast web experiences for multitasking
  • Safe cloud access that maximizes data storage
  • Thin, lightweight design that improves mobile learning
  • Better performance ideal for education applications
  • Affordability that takes your education budget further

Resources to Help You Select the Right Device

Tips for Choosing the Right Device

A list of questions to help guide your comprehensive evaluation of your environment, manageability and functionality needs, and cost considerations.

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Recommendations by Age

This guide explores technology usage scenarios by age and offers advice on which devices are best suited for teaching and learning needs.

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Balancing Screen Time and Learning

This brief explores the benefits and risks to screen time usage and current recommendations on screen time from the American Pediatric Association (APA).

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Digital Pens and Touch Screens

This brief provides insights into the key benefits of digitized pens and how students and educators benefit from digital pens and touch screens across the curriculum

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Enhancing Learning with Chromebooks*

Improving Student Engagement and Learning

The 1TWO1 initiative at Richland County School District 2 harnesses Chromebooks to personalize learning, make learning authentic and foster collaboration.

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A Cloud with Many Silver Linings

Cloud-based learning has helped to foster collaboration, personalize lessons and better prepare students with modern skills at this small, remote school in Denmark.

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Need Help?

Intel® Education IT advisors work with you to solve IT challenges in education.

Less Waiting, More Learning

With premium speed and performance, Chromebook* devices seamlessly fit into teachers’ and students’ fast-paced lifestyles.