Intel® FPGA Boards

Intel® FPGA boards1 provide a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers. Boards include software, reference designs, cables, and programming hardware. They are designed to allow:

  • Product developers to evaluate electronic components, circuitry, or software associated with the board to determine whether to incorporate such items in a finished product.
  • Software developers to write software applications for use with the end product.

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Intel 主機板並非成品,尚未完成聯邦通訊委員會(FCC)設備授權程序,除非先取得一切必要之 FCC 設備授權,否則不得轉售或以其他方式行銷。操作必須遵守以下條件,即主機板不對獲得授權的無線電台造成有害干擾,且接受有害干擾。