Thin Clients Offer Maximum Flexibility and Enhanced Security

Intel-enabled thin-client solutions help retailers increase efficiency, improve security and manageability, and reduce costs.

Today, a growing number of retailers are adopting thin-client solutions to help them transform their businesses by simplifying data and device management, enhancing security, and reducing costs. This strategy can enable modern retail businesses (including retail banking) to create curated customer experiences, sharpen their competitive edge, and maintain profitability despite ongoing challenges such as digital disruption, emerging market opportunities, and evolving customer expectations. Yet, simply deploying a centrally managed system, in which data is processed and stored on the server and accessed through thin-client virtual machines, may not be enough in today’s competitive, rapidly changing business environment. Most businesses today want energy-efficient thin-client solutions that deliver higher performance at lower cost as well as a desktop-like experience, enhanced media and graphics, and essential security.

Exceptional Value for Retailers

Intel® technology enables a wide range of cloud-based, thin-client, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions that shift compute from the desktop to the data center to help retailers and other businesses increase efficiency and productivity, improve security and manageability, and reduce their capital and operating expenses. They also offer high scalability and easy integration with almost any environment. DaaS thin-client technology with Intel® technology inside deliver higher performance, including increased media processing and memory speeds, with low-power requirements that offer the best performance per watt in the industry. In addition, they improve manageability and maximize IT resources by providing centralized management and offering Intel® Active Management Technology, which enables retailers to remotely set up, manage, and monitor thousands of thin-client devices from one location.

Intel-enabled thin clients offer businesses a true desktop-like experience, with seamless user interactivity and collaboration, rich graphics, multi-screen high-resolution capabilities, and enhanced application support—all in a secure, small form factor. For businesses that handle mountains of consumer and transactional data, security is essential. Having most data processed and stored in the data center reduces the risk of data loss or theft, and Intel-enabled thin-client solutions offer secure authentication as well as malware prevention and detection. The centralized management of thin clients also enables faster recovery from disasters and makes it easier to apply policies, comply with regulations, and monitor risk.

Cost- and Power-Optimized Thin-Client Solutions

Intel-enabled thin-client solutions can help retail businesses standardize and simplify IT processes, reduce deskside visits, and significantly lower their total cost of ownership. They also have a longer lifespan—five to seven years, on average, versus two to three years for machines in the consumer space—so retailers continue to save by replacing their thin-client devices less often. Remote endpoint management also reduces costs while improving productivity and enabling businesses to use their IT resources more efficiently. Reduced energy consumption also translates into lower costs. Energy-efficient Intel-enabled thin clients use low-power (<15 watts) processors and incorporate fanless designs, small form factors, and optimized sleep states that reduce power consumption even more.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Retailing

As market trends and customer expectations continue to evolve at a rapid pace, retailers must find ways to meet those growing demands while keeping costs low and taking the pressure off their IT resources. With Intel-enabled thin-client solutions, retailers can manage their data and devices more efficiently, reduce both capital and operating expenses, and address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities by continually creating the experiences their customers want.

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